Corsearch Social Media User Name Search

For many companies, Social Media promotion has become a central component of brand strategy as a valuable low-cost brand communication platform with the potential to reach billions of people.

Corsearch’s Social Media Name Search provides analysis of 40 of the world’s most popular social media sites to complement the traditional trademark clearance research process, and provides the ability to check the landscape of user/vanity names on social media.

By identifying names taken in Social Media, brand owners can determine if a proposed mark is already in use in the social media sphere, and in what context it is being used. This may have implications for the clearance process and / or may limit Social Media promotional activities for the proposed brand.

The Social Media Name Search can be ordered as a stand-alone search or as an add-on section to eligible searches.

Key Benefits:

  • A check of your trademark as a user name against 40 key social media name sites
Facebook Tumblr Zhihu Meetup
YouTube Weibo Taringa Tagged
VK SoundCloud Flickr WeHeartIt
Twitter Younow Etsy StumbleUpon
QQ Viewbug Tripadvisor Xing
Instagram Twitch DeviantART Photobucket
Reddit Steam LiveInternet hi5
LinkedIn Skype Medium Myspace
GooglePlus Wordpress Ebay
Pinterest Quora Spotify DailyMotion
  • References to hyphenated variations for names consisting of compound terms
  • A listing of sites that indicate whether the name is taken, indeterminate, or available
  • A full record for each site indicated as taken and in-use currently as a social media name or vanity name
  • All records with an optimized screenshot for quick evaluation as a potential threat or obstacle
  • Convenient hyperlinks for direct access to the taken social media name URL(s) for verification

As with all Corsearch trademark records, the Social Media Name Search offers the ability to tag, annotate and chart for inclusion in documents or as part of a trademark clearance communication.

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