Corsearch Reverse WHOIS Search

Investigating domain assets of a specific registrant is now easier than ever with the Corsearch Reverse WHOIS Search, examining millions of domain name records to identify WHOIS matches on known registrant data, such as a name or an email address. Practitioners can uncover additional infringing domains from a party suspected of infringing to establish other violations and provide evidence of a pattern of conduct, or they can use this search to audit the domain portfolio of any acquisition target, identify specific hidden risks, and assess the value of those domains.


  • 150+ WHOIS Servers
  • Thousands of DNS servers
  • Traffic Estimation Service
  • Phishing & Malware Blacklists


  • Domain Names that match the query
  • Detailed screenshots
  • DNS record information
  • Traffic Estimates
  • Ongoing Monitoring of Initial Search Results
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