Corsearch FOCUS™
The Most Effective Way to View Your Trademark Research

Once again revolutionizing the trademark research workflow with innovations that expedite your analysis with greater precision and efficiency, we introduce Corsearch FOCUS™ — a game-changing, multidimensional way to review trademark research.

Corsearch FOCUS™

We listened to and observed hundreds of trademark practitioners as we developed this powerful new approach that delivers a graphic display of research results on a visualized “radar” screen. Cognitive studies show that the human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text, so Corsearch FOCUS’ visual output allows practitioners to more easily study the relationship of individual potential conflicts to your own mark. Phonetic and appearance-based similarity are determined through presentation and prefix- and suffix bias, while relevancy is determined based on additional factors such as classes and goods and services of the marks cited. These objective metrics help plot the placement of the mark on a radar-like visualization with your mark at the center. 

Corsearch FOCUS lifts you above the “data smog” and away from the serial review of trademark search results. It makes research more precise and accurate, saves time, and accelerates decision-making — while making the process more exciting with an element of fun! You can even customize communications to internal or external clients using the same eye-catching, easy-to-understand graphical representations.

Using Corsearch FOCUS will make you stand out to your clients and gives you a competitive edge. And, of course, you can still use all of the tools that have made Corsearch the industry’s innovation leader, including tools for investigating owners, mark use, and legal history marks.

Corsearch makes your trademark and brand protection efforts easier, more efficient — and now we’ve taken research to a whole new level. Take your research into the future — contact your Local Account Manager or click here to learn more about Corsearch FOCUS.

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